President Appreciation Award

The President Appreciation Award is one that is hand-picked by JRC president, Ray Cappella to honor those individuals who go above and beyond in their pursuit of excellence, professionalism and have a positive impact on our JRC family or their community.

Who is eligible:

All employees and independent contractors (owner operators/drivers) working for JRC Transportation or it’s subsidiaries

Who can nominate:

Drivers, dispatchers and JRC employees can nominate someone (not themselves) for consideration.

Award Criteria:
Some qualities or examples of what we are looking for are – someone who:

  • Shows outstanding commitment to excellence
  • Displays exceptional professionalism on the job
  • Goes above and beyond to help others
  • Impacts our JRC family or their community in a positive way
  • Is a good leader, mentor or example for others to follow

Winner Selection:

All nominations for the month will be submitted to the corporate office in CT and JRC president, Ray Cappella will select the winner. The winner will be notified in person or by phone and will receive an award certificate and $500.

Previous Winners:

2017 Winners

Daniel Stallard (June)

Bill Cole (May)

Luis Schay (April)

Ronnie Torrance (March)

Daniel Mendes (Feb)

Damien Samuels (Jan)


2016 Winners

Tim Hults (Dec)

Tyron Davis (Nov)

Henry Smith (Oct)

Andi Lulaj (Sept)


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