JRC Transportation is a multi-unit commodity carrier with over 30 offices across the United States and Canada. As our company continues to grow, one aspect of JRC Transportation that remains constant is our commitment to on-time service, reliability and safe delivery of customer goods.

JRC Transportation has the necessary common, contract and broker authorities to cover territories across Canada and the United States.

While specializing in flatbed transportation, we’ve diversified our fleet to include specialty trailers and vans to move a variety of unique commodities. Our drivers are some of the finest owner-operators on the road today. We’ve taken customer service a step further by offering to consolidate our clients’ freight shipments with an in-house logistics team. And, best of all, JRC Transportation, brings this superior motor transport service to you at extremely competitive prices.

Customer Delivery

Satisfied Customers

JRC Transportation has the skilled dispatchers and experienced drivers to consistently meet our customers’ delivery schedules.  JRC has provided on-time delivering of customer’s cargo for over 30 years, transporting construction materials, machinery and equipment throughout the US and Canada. Our custom-made tracking system allows us to follow our customers’ loads every inch of the route. Whether it’s a pick up or drop off, JRC Transportation Inc. will be there when you need us.

Truck Drivers

Dedicated Drivers

Our owner operators are a special breed of experienced drivers. Before partnering with us, they must pass our comprehensive screening process, which includes DOT requirements and drug testing. They are meticulous with the maintenance of their trucks and equipment, because their own reputation is on the line. That’s why our drivers go the extra mile in delivering claim-free, accident-free loads on time. We stand by our drivers, knowing that their desire to succeed helps drive our service.

Flatbed Truck

Flatbed Trucking

As a leading flatbed trucking company, JRC Transportation offers step deck and flatbed trucking service throughout the entire continental United States and Canada. Our flatbed trucks are driven by professional owner operator truck drivers, so you can rest assured that your load will be transported safely and on-time.

Give us a call at 866-572-7297 to learn more about why you should choose JRC to be your flatbed trucking company of choice for your shipping and transportation services or request a freight quote for your flatbed trucking project.

Van Trucking Service

Our dry van shipping and trucking service can handle both full truck loads as well as LTL trucking shipments for clients whose shipments do not fill a complete trailer. Our dry van freight trucking services are available to the continental United States, and Canada.

If you are interested in our dry van freight shipping services, our experienced office staff will recommend a precise type of truck and service that will meet your particular freight shipping needs. Please contact us at 866-572-7297 to request a dry van freight quote today or fill out our freight request form online.

Heavy Haul, Specialty Trucking

JRC Transportation offers heavy haul trucking service for transporting shipments of heavy or oversized equipment within the continental United States and Canada. We have the equipment, staff, and professional drivers needed to handle any heavy haul trucking project.

Whether you are in need of heavy haul trucking service for a one-time project or you need a heavy haul trucking company that you can trust with your regular heavy haul shipments, our experienced staff and professional drivers are ready to help. Call 866-572-7297 today.