American Saturated Felt

“American Saturated Felt, Inc. has been served by JRC Transportaion over 26 years.  We have entrusted them with the majority of our shipments from coast to coast.  We find their prices and service second to none.  We would not have attained the success we have today without the support, dedication, and incomparable performance of JRC Transportation.”

American Saturated Felt, Inc.

Morin Corporation

“JRC Transportation has been our exclusive Transamerica carrier for five years.  They have assisted our company in maintaining prompt on-time service for our customers. JRC has worked with us to develop a system that is centered on our manufacturing process.  This has enabled us to maintain an even flow in our production facility without the need to adjust to suit the loading of the trucks.”   

-Ilhan Eser, CEO Morin Corporation


“I’ve stayed with JRC since 1992 for three reasons.  First, they pay really well.  Second, would be the freight.  They keep my seven trucks running all year long.  Third, are the dispatchers.  They know what’s going on with the rates and freight.  JRC has always helped me when I needed them, and never left me hanging. I plan on being with JRC for a long while.”

Scott Buley, Owner/Operator Small Fleet Owner

Traynor Trucking

“You get paid every Friday, which is unheard of in the industry… It’s like a family”

Tom Foldy

“Good company, no stress… They have lots of work, you can run all 48.”

John Swann

“You can get insurance, trailer, equipment, truck fixed…and friendships, it’s like family”

“Best company I have found! I plan on staying and growing here. Dedicate to JRC and they will dedicate to you. Come join us!!!!” – M. Bick

“Been leased to JRC several years, couldn’t imagine being anywhere else, its like family here!” – S. Rhodes

“Great company to work for. Relaxed, friendly work environment, like a family.” – D. Codella

“I’m writing in regards to one of your rigs that I encountered on Rte 22 west at McArthur Rd/7th Street today.  Traffic entering on the right was swift and I entered the passing lane to avoid the rush when the cars in front of me suddenly started to brake. Your driver was behind a car that was behind me and instinctively was able to get in right lane while keeping with flow of traffic and avoiding braking suddenly. His flatbed was empty, so thankfully he didn’t have a full load or trailer to maneuver. He definitely showed skill in his driving abilities. I know we all complain about bad rig drivers, but I’m always sure to point out when I see a good one. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a truck number- just the name of the company. Just wanted to give kudos to your driver.”

– Lin S. 5/8/2017

“One of the Best!!!! They always get the job done!!! Very honest and affordable!!!” – Joe G. 12/10/2015

“My husband Daniel works for them they’re great.”  – Diana J. 1/17/2016

“My dad drove for you it was great pay and good loads” – Eddie S 1/15/2014

“I love working here on the big rigs” – Phil W. 12/7/2013

been in 3 weeks now. love it!!!!” – Joe C. 1/23/2019