Truckers Help Stop Human Trafficking – Pt. 3

Truckers and law enforcement in Ohio are teaming up in the fight against human trafficking. Human trafficking, is one of the fastest-growing criminal enterprises in the United States and around the world. Truckers Against Trafficking’s Freedom Drivers Project is a mobile exhibit that tours the U.S. to educate and inform truckers and truck industry employees to recognize the signs of human trafficking and to educate them how to reach out to law enforcement authorities.

Ohio truckers team with patrol unit to fight human trafficking.

Channel 4 NBC News Coverage Columbus Ohio

Truckers in Ohio have teamed up with Ohio State Patrol to help fight human sex trafficking. Truckers Against Trafficking mission is to educate drivers to recognize the signs and to help.

It’s an effort that troopers say is already making a difference. They’re handing out training material to the tens of thousands of truckers who drive on Ohio’s roadways every day. The troopers say “truckers are in the perfect position to spot the victims of human trafficking and to get them help.”

Prevent TraffickingLance Francioni has been driving a big rig for nearly a decade and believes he’s seen victims of human trafficking many times.

“They don’t know who to turn to,” says Francioni.

John Finley’s seen it too.

“In the trucking industry, if you have any time in it at all, you know it happens. You see them working the parking lots,” says Finley.

That’s why the Ohio State Highway Patrol is reaching out to these truckers, teaming up with Truckers Against Trafficking, or TAT, to empower truckers to recognize the signs and to help.

“They’re part of the transportation industry and that’s how the human traffickers move these kids,” says OSP Lt. Kelly Weakley.

This is something that both truckers and law enforcement can agree on and are happy to
partner in this effort to save these kids. Many people are either unaware or simply turn a blind eye to wants going on. I am glad to see the proactive steps TAT is making to raise awareness and to educate the public, and especially trucker’s what to look for and what they can do to help.


Do you know what signs to look for?

If not, please visit Truckers Against Trafficking website for more information. If you see a human trafficking situation happening – BE BOLD and TAKE ACTION!