Truckers Help Stop Human Trafficking – Part 2

The trucking industry is uniquely positioned to make a big impact in the fight against sex trafficking. Truckers Against Trafficking’s Freedom Drivers Project is a mobile exhibit that tours the U.S. to educate and inform truckers and truck industry employees to recognize the signs of human trafficking and to educate them how to reach out to law enforcement authorities.

Nurses and health workers join fight to stop sex trafficking

Future nurses and nurse practitioners from Methodist College in Peoria were an additional tool in the fight against sex trafficking at last month’s Midwest Truck and Trailer Show.

“This is something that’s unique to this show in particular,” said Helen Van Dam of the Truckers Against Trafficking Freedom Drivers Project.

Students in some classes at the college toured the Freedom Drivers Project mobile exhibit to learn how to recognize the signs of sex trafficking.

traffick victim care

“There are two instructors who have their students come over and come through the trailer … to learn more about this particular population, the human trafficking, and to be able to recognize it,” Van Dam said.

She said nurses and medical personnel are an important population themselves to recognize and report sex trafficking victims.

“They are a strategic population to educate because when traffickers bring their victims into an ER for any services, that’s a location where the victims can be identified,” she said.

Van Dam said the students also learn about an industry they may be caring for their future careers.

“It’s a cool overlap, to have the nursing school come in, and they also learn more about trucking in their community and they are able to talk to us about trafficking,” she said.

It is only through this kind of partnership and global vision to educate everyone on this growing problem. The more people become aware of the sex trafficking and how to spot it, the better chance we have to save these young kids from being victims.

Do you know if sex trafficking is happening in your community?

Polaris’ website and their “Recognize the signs” page is a good reference and education tool to promote awareness. If you know of or see someone you think needs help, call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline at 888-373-7888.