i-80 contruction

Iowa DOT Seeks Input for I-80 Improvements

The Iowa Department of Transportation has launched an online survey, asking for suggestions from the public on how to make I-80 better. As the department plans for some major updates to I-80 it is also collecting and considering public opinion data regarding the interstate’s traffic volume, convenience, and safety.

According to DOT transportation engineer Wes Mayberry, one of the main options being considered is additional lanes. “We move a lot of freight across our state and so people see that freight, and the trucks, and I think people tend to get nervous when there is a lot of truck traffic next to them.” stated Mayberry

The decisions will greatly affect the trucking industry, Mayberry estimates more than 30 percent of traffic on Iowa’s interstate system is made up of freight vehicles. Other considerations the DOT is looking at are restricting trucks from using certain lanes, adding toll booths and alternate transportation options, such as rail lines.

Most of these transportation projects won’t begin for six-to-seven years, and the entire east-to-west reconstruction of I-80 could take decades. It’s encouraging that they are at least seeking public opinion, so let your voice can be heard. So many government agencies and legislators will spend millions of dollars on projects that the people don’t want. The controversy over RI’s truck toll is a perfect example. Trucker’s feel they are being selectively penalized by the state to cover the cost of their mismanagement of highway funds and failure to properly maintain RI’s bridges and roads.

The trucking industry is an integral part of the economy. Maintaining our highways and bridges are essential in keeping our roads safe and ensuring goods can make it to their destination. Seeking the input of those using the roads on a daily basis is a good first step.

If I-80 is a road you travel regularly, then let your voice be heard by completing the online survey.