Distracted drivers


Distracted drivers lead to fatal crashes

According to South Carolina state accident records, 408 accidents on I-85 this year have involved a stopped vehicle. The numbers show that this year more distracted drivers on I-85 are crashing into stopped vehicles resulting in more deaths and injuries, compared to 314 last year. Safety experts say the higher number indicates road congestion, construction traffic and distracted driving are key factors for the increase.

Whether the accidents are due to texting, eating or reaching for something, drivers need to reduce the number of distractions and pay more attention to the road and the vehicles around them.

The number of fatal accidents have increased was well. Ten people have died in South Carolina in 2015 in 1,794 accidents on I-85, compared to four deaths over the same time period last year.

It doesn’t take long – only seconds of not paying attention to have an accident.